Our roulette analysis App is a professional tool which can be used in a real casino or an online game. The software analyses the results of spins in a roulette game. In the case of real wheels the software exposes any sector bias that may be present. In the case of animations, based upon pseudo random number generators, the software identifies repeating patterns. In addition the App tracks all table bets and 24 well known betting systems., together with rolling hot and cold numbers. The object being to gain an edge over the casino. 


User Interface

The User interface has been changed and now includes the popular sliding menu. The main screen has been split into two parts: results and analysis. This change has made it possible to increase the text size.

More Systems

Version 4.1 now tracks more systems: increased from 24 in version 3.1 to 33 in version 4.1. In addition the App tracks every table bet: Red , Black, Odd, Even etc.  You can now record up to 2000 spins in one session on the phone and tablet versions.The analysis algorithm continues to be developed and improved. The App is completely portable to any casino as no internet connection is required. The Mac/Pc version has been changed in the same way but includes the archiving feature whereas the Iphone/Ipad version does not. Each betting scenario comes with a graphical analysis and a calculated Trend line using the powerful mathematical method of Linear Regression.