What about on-line games that use animations ? 

As we have said before, these games have nothing to do with real roulette. They simply display the results from a pseudo random number generator. Pseudo random number generators are pieces of computer program that generate random numbers. The key word here is 'pseudo' because they are not pure random number generators at all but are inevitably based upon deterministic algorithms. Of course there is no concept of sector bias because there is no wheel. However the weakness lies in repeating patterns. If you can identify repeating patterns of behaviour then these can be exploited. Pseudo random number generators can get stuck in patterns. The most common one is repeating numbers. 

On-line games using auto wheels 

The auto wheel presents a good opportunity for the punter. Unlike a real wheel, operated by a human being, the auto wheel has a predictable pattern of behaviour. If you watch an auto wheel carefully you will notice that the wheel spins at the same speed, the ball always starts from the last winning slot and is spun alternately clockwise then anti-clockwise. These are predictable initial conditions. The only randomness in the system is created by the hazards in the ball's path. 

Which game should you play ?

This is difficult as each format has it's own weaknesses. One thing has become clear though. The initial enthusiasm for on-line computer animation and pseudo random numbers has given way recently to real wheels with real croupiers. There is a reason for this. The traditional roulette wheel (assuming it's fair) with a human operator, is the best random number generator. We have analysed hundreds of sessions from different online casinos and we have come to the same conclusion. The casino has the best chance of winning if the wheel is truly random. Having said that if our software reveals that a real wheel is very random then a statistical bet based upon vacant numbers could give you an edge. If the wheel is displaying transient sector bias it's probably not a good idea to bet on it. 

There is also another reason for not choosing to bet on real wheels - it's a slow process. This is especially true if the online casino is broadcasting on television at the same time. These television shows are a waste of time. However it's worthwhile spending time analysing the wheels as you may find one that does have a bias. If you prefer to bet on real wheels, the auto wheel may be the best choice because they are more deterministic and the game moves more quickly. One thing to keep in mind though is the location of the wheel. If the wheel is in a studio it's easy for the casino to switch wheels. You would not be aware of this. Your analysis of the wheel is useless if the wheel was switched. The only way to guarantee that you are analysing the same wheel is to be in a real casino or to be watching a web cam of a real casino. 

We have analysed hundreds of sessions and our conclusion is that the online game which uses a computer animation and a pseudo random number generator is the best option. We have come to this conclusion for a number of reasons. You have to think about your objective. The objective is to win as much money as possible in the shortest possible time - not to play the game of roulette. The rapid turn around of spins in these games works in your favour because you have to record the results of many spins before you can identify any pattern. In a real casino with a real wheel this could take hours.

This is a factor we haven't mentioned yet - the time involved in analysing a wheel. Wheel analysis is only practical using a computer and in order to identify any bias or patterns you need to analyse many spins and many sessions. A real casino would not allow you to use a computer at a roulette table but there is nothing to stop you writing down results and using a laptop in a quiet corner. Our software is ideal for this and the Iphone version could be used at a table without raising any suspicion. In reality it's most likely that you would be playing an online game in the comfort of your own home. 


The punter can only get an edge over the casino by identifying weaknesses in the apparatus and then exploiting that weakness. Lets consider firstly a real wheel. 

The only way to win is to get an edge over the casino. In other words beat the fixed odds over the long term. This can only be done by analysing the wheel in order to predict with accuracy which slot the ball is going to land in next. Slots on a roulette wheel have nothing whatever to do with numbers. They are positions in space on a wheel. 

The wheel has fixed mechanical characteristics. For example: the diameter of the wheel is known, the distance between slots is known. If every mechanical parameter about the wheel is known, the application of Newton's laws of motion would allow you to calculate, with certainty, where the ball will land next. Just as Newton's laws predict the motion of the planets. Such wheel analysis goes back many years. There are stories of clever individuals timing the speed of the wheel and doing calculations based upon the wheels dimensions etc. Of course this was in real casinos and it didn't take long for the casino owners to become wise to this practice. They ejected anyone suspected of being a wheel analyser. The one thing wheel analysers were looking for was a fixed wheel. A fixed wheel is one that displays a bias towards one sector of the wheel. If a wheel analyser could identify a biased wheel they simply bet on the sector and thats how they gained an edge on the casino and won in the long run. 

It may be wrong to suggest that casinos deliberately fixed wheels but in the early days mechanical engineering was not as accurate as now. With the technology available then it would have been common for a wheel to be naturally biased. Casinos deploy a number of techniques to thwart real wheel analysers: hazards are a placed in the path of the ball on the wheel surface, croupiers are changed at regular intervals, the ball is spun clockwise then anti-clockwise, the frame that displays the numbers on the wheel is moved around, wheels are moved from one table to another when the casino is closed. We must emphasis that analysing a real roulette wheel is a complex task. You will need to record many sessions at a particular wheel in order to identify a definite fixed biased there. If you do find such a wheel then you will make some winnings. A repeating bias pattern is the holy grail of real wheel analysis and is hard to find. Casinos go to great lengths to ensure that the result of the next spin is a truly random event.