Table Layout

Firstly lets look at the roulette table layout. The layout is designed quite specifically to deceive the punter. The layout of numbers on the roulette table bares no relation to the layout on the actual wheel. The casino gives the impression that there is any meaning to the term 1st dozen, odds, evens, red, black,streets etc. Any bets based upon these groupings are no more than a random selection of numbers. If you are thinking of betting on red numbers for example, you may as well bet on any 18 random numbers you fancy. The odds are exactly the same. Any system that's based upon such groupings has no meaning whatsoever. 

Martingale System

The only guaranteed system is the Martingdale system. This system is very simple. You make an evens bet and if you lose you double your bet. So if you bet red and you win, you double your money. If you lose you repeat the bet with double the stake. If you win you get back your original stake and you are back to square one. If you lose you keep doubling up until you are guaranteed to eventually win and get your stake back. The only draw back is that you have to keep doubling your bet. 

The stake can become astronomical very quickly. On a run of reds for example you could be staking thousands of dollars in order to get back where you started. However you are guaranteed to get back where you started but only in a game which allows unlimited bets. The Martingdale system was shut down a long time ago by casinos by placing betting limits. If you are on a table with a limit of say $500 and play Martingdale you are guaranteed to lose all your money sooner rather than later. 

Documented Systems

There are many well known and documented betting systems:martingale,reverse martingale,delayed martingale,martingale dozens,martingale triples,super martingale,law of thirds,1326,columnhedge,dalembert,reverse dalembert,fibonacci,reverse fibonacci,labouchere,reverse labouchere,guetting,hollandish,makarov,oscar,piquemouche,pivot,shotwell,2updown,whittacker

Our software tracks all of these systems and more besides. It helps you choose which one is best for you. Be careful though  because none of them can beat the casino's edge on a truly random wheel because the odds are the same for each of them. The casino only pays out 35 to 1 when there are 37 possible outcomes (European wheel).